Wednesday, March 22, 2017

At the Retreat

My project boxes now contain blocks instead of cut pieces. Now to put them into quilts.
I guess I could have started that at the retreat but I can never get it sewn the way I lay it out at a retreat. I always end up with turned blocks and kissing cousins. Grrr! 
So I had a little buggy ride instead. And tried to make a dent in my random strip bin. I only got a few blocks done. I will show progress when I get a little further along.
It was a great retreat! I ate too much as usual. But the food was so good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial~ Aprons and Fun

 Last week the ladies at my church had a little celebration to celebrate the birthday of Relief Society, What is Relief Society? Glad you asked. It is the women's organization in the LDS church.  In addition to learning and providing service we have fun. The theme was Retro.
We were to wear our aprons and pearls. Sadly the only aprons I had were the ones my children had made in their sewing class at school. I wanted something other than a dishtowel apron. So I found this cute, fast and easy tutorial. The fact that it could be made in 30 minutes was a major selling point to me. And when it really was that easy I was sold. I added jumbo ric rac to mine. But I do love the pom pom fringe on the one shown.
After a yummy dinner and short program each table was given an All a Dollar table cloth, scissors, and tape. From this we were to make a dress. Well the creative juices got flowing and a good sport from each table proudly modeled their creation. Here they are. 

My table made the yellow Belle inspired dress. My neighbor is the cutie in the pink and blue dress with pill box hat and matching hand bag. Tons of fun. A big thanks to the talented ladies that organized it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Moving It Forward

My Scrappy Wonky Star quilt is growing. I think I have it as wide as I want it. I just need to add a few more rows along the bottom. I only have a couple of stars left. But I have plenty of the blue striped centers and little bits to make more. 
 In addition to playing with my scraps I made a little freezer jam before leaving for my retreat. Strawberry freezer jam is one of our family's favorites. We had run out so this will be a real treat.
Just before I left we started a new bar of soap. The honey oatmeal brought relief to my DD. The ACT test is over. YEAH! We will find out the results in a few weeks. We are now enjoying a lovely bar of Mint Mocha. It's a great pick me up in the morning.
I'll share my progress from the retreat later. Now it's your turn to share your progress. Make sure your visit the links. You'll be greatly rewarded. There is so much inspiration each week.

Friday, March 17, 2017


 Did you ever play jacks as a kid? Bounce the ball, pick up a jack, catch the ball before it bounces again.
 I know with electronics few kids have enjoyed this game. My mom was really good. I never could beat her. But I enjoyed playing with her.
 This little quilt is in memory of those happy hours. It features Riley Blake's Wistful Winds fabric. A bright, happy line full of flowers and little girls. Perfect for memories with ones momma.
 You can find the pattern in the current issue of McCall's Quilting. I have one to giveaway.
Just leave a happy memory of something you used to do with your mom. I'll pick a winner next Friday.
(I accidentally posted this for a few moments on Wednesday. I was trying to get ready for my retreat and  preparing a post for while I was gone. Whoops! If you commented while it was up don't worry I have your entry.)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Little Soaping

Last fall I harvested 
 and dried calendula petals
 with the idea they would make pretty soap.
 Also because calendula is said to have anti inflammatory properties.
 My mom really struggles with arthritis
 and I was hoping this soap might help her. 
It not only has the calendula petals sprinkled on top
 but infused in the oils and some mixed in
She'll be able to try it in a few weeks. Once it has cured. I'll also have some in my shop if you'd like to try a bar. I'm calling it Hello Sunshine.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dazzle Class

 Last Wednesday I had a wonderful time with the Ogden Quilt Guild. It was my privileged to share a few of my quilt and teach curved seams.  They also treated me to a yummy lunch, tacos, beans, rice and dessert.
The ladies did a great job on their blocks. I hope they invite me back so I can see their quilts.
You can see mine here and here. Yes, I have two. I realized about a week before I taught this class that mine was at a shop. So I hurried to make another.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial~ Scrappy Tips

Spring is in the air and I'm feeling the need to clean and organize. I like to sort my scraps according to color. Until last weekend I kept my yellow and orange scraps together and my blue and and aqua/turquoise scraps together. The problem with not having a separate bin for the aqua/turquoise scraps was sometime I didn't know if I should put a fabric in the blue bin or the green bin. Adding the extra bin has eliminated that problem. In addition to the bins shown I a low volume bin, black/gray bin, brown bin, and aqua turquoise. I'm thinking eventually I'll need to separate my pink and purple bin. The problem there is I have a lot of pinks in various shades but not many purples. So I might have to find a different way to separate this bin, maybe light pinks and hot pinks.
In addition to color bins I organized my pre-cut pieces. I don't do a lot of pre cutting. If you would like tips on that check out Bonnie Hunter's system here. If and when I get on a cutting spree I cut into units that will make 4" and 6" blocks. The 2" and 3" units hold half square and quarter square pieces. I can make hour glass blocks, flying geese and half square triangles from these units. You will also notice a bin with 1/4 circle units. I have a bunch of these from making drunkard's path blocks using the curved seam ruler. I didn't want to waste them and recently saw and idea to use them up on Cynthia's blog.
You'll notice the bottom draw of my scraps has various sized squares. These ones don't play so well with others. I got a little zealous when cutting out various quilts. I don't want to waste them and I'm sure I can find a home for them somewhere. Having them labeled and out where I can see them keeps them in my mind and hopefully my sub conscience will form a plan.  
I just hope it's not at 2 in the morning.

Do you have a method for your scraps? Share any tips in the comments.

Also didn't realize until just now that it is Pi day. How did that happen? Will my math wiz kids forgive me? Probably cause there will will be pizza tonight. Should have posted my circle applique tutorial. Here's a link in case you want to make a few circles for Pi Day.