Monday, June 26, 2017

Moving It Forward

 I had a wonderful time with my sisters and their families. More on that later. I've started new project featuring Amy Brady's new line for Moda, Big Sky. I used my Accuquilt Go to cut out flying geese shapes. Here is a little sneak peek.
The rest of the week was spent at Rockin' R Ranch with my family. It was a blast
Check out this mean bunch of cowboys.
 There was horse back riding.
 Baby animals
We kicked up our heels with a little two stepping and line dancing.
 We took a hike to Butch Cassidy's hideout. That we had to find, by the way. It took a couple of tries but we did it.
 Lots of fun cousin time.
 Even our own family rodeo.
Complete with a donkey race.
 Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for one of the best family reunions ever!
Now it's your turn to share your quilting progress. Looking forward to seeing what you got done while I was gone.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Blogging Break

We had a great time at the Farmer's Market. Met some wonderful people. Learned a lot. And even sold a bit of soap.  Her is our tea party themed booth, close up.

And from a distance.
Other than the bunting not a lot of sewing got done last week. This week my sisters, one from Austin the other from Cupertino are flying in with there families. So not a lot of sewing will get done this week either. So I'm taking a little blogging break. I'll be back in a week. 

Feel free to link up with your progress though. I'll catch up when things slow down.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sister Quilt

Do you remember I told you that this quilt had a sister quilt? Well here it is. We used a different focus fabric and switched up the sashing and corner squares. 
Ruthie did a beautiful job quilting it. She got this new design at a recent show. I really like it.
 Sherri bond it. Now it's ready to go to a good home.
Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Getting Ready

This weekend my daughter and I will have a booth at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market and Craft Fair. We have been busy getting everything ready. We've bought a canopy. I made this festive bunting to go around the upper edge. We are going with a tea party theme. 
We will display all this soap on my well stocked shelves on tea saucers and cake stands. I'll post pictures Monday of the booth. 
Hubby will be coming to help us set up and take down. I'll be buying him a piece of his favorite chocolate cake at Carlucci's when we are done. Hope we do well. Thankful my daughter will be helping me. She is a great salesperson. Come and see us if your in the area.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Moving It Forward

Last Wednesday I headed down south for the Panguitch Quilt Walk. I look forward to this every year. I had a wonderful time teaching these ladies curved piecing using my Dazzled pattern. They all did a wonderful job. 
 Everyone got at least one block done.
 The following morning I taught my Modern Gems quilt. Sadly I didn't get pictures of their blocks.
Following my class I attended a quilt show by Christa Watson. It was amazing! I learned so much and loved seeing her beautiful quilts. Then I did a little shopping. Yeah! I found the batik I was looking for. I can now finish up my Who Wants to Play quilt. Next I headed to my parents for my mom's birthday. I'm so thankful Panguitch always schedules there quilt walk around my mom's birthday. Panguitch being just over an hour from my parents I just head south and celebrate. For her birthday I helped her set up her Etsy shop
My mom makes the most amazing hand carved and painted Santas. To learn the story behind her Santa Carvings you can go here. She was thrilled. She sold two the first day. Way to go mom!

Now it's your turn. Share with us your quilting progress.

Friday, June 9, 2017


 As a mother of sons I always jump when I see a great fabric line that will make a fabulous masculine quilt. Janet Clair's new line Ahoy Me Hearties was such a line. My parents have a pictures of an old fisherman rowing a boat with a small girl by his side. Once while staying at a beach house with my hubby the same print was on the wall framed by a ship's portal. I used this visual as inspiration for this quilt.
Quarter square strip blocks are sewn together to create the dark portal ring. While Janet's new line won't be in stores until October many of her other lines would work well for this quilt. My friend and tester, Julie did her's in Fig Tree fabrics and it is wonderful. I really need to get a picture of it from her.
You can find the pattern here.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wanna Play?

It's been over two years since I received these cute bunch of owls. They were part of a exchange, Mary Lou Weidman invited me to be a part of, after taking a class from her. I was thrilled.
Growing up my dad used to read me PD Eastman's Sam and the Firefly. As I got older I read it to him. Then when I became a mother I read it to my kids until they could read it to me. Memories of this book fit perfectly with my flamboyant flock. So I started making words. 
 Finally I filled in all the blank space with my background fabric. I was a little worried I would run out. But miraculously I had enough. Though I'll be looking for a close match for the binding.
I'm leaving for Panguitch Quilt Walk today. If memory serves me there will be a vendor there that has lots of batiks and will most likely have a good match. Crossing my fingers and toes I'm right. 'Cause I'm pretty stoked to finish this cute baby quilt.